Since I began Fringe in 2007, I have been honored and amazed by the incredible press Fringe has received. It is a dream come true to know that my work, which I love so much, is appreciated in this way. It is so very rewarding as an artist. Below is a list of some of the press I have received.

The Nerves of Steel Cowl was featured on The Today Show.

Three of my creations were featured on The Uniform Project. Included were The Wallflower Brooch and the El Grande Cowl.

I was interviewed and my work was featured in the Fall 2008 edition of Knitscene Magazine.

The Smooth Talk Cowl was featured on The Martha Stewart Show.

In addition, I have been honored to be featured in many exceptional blogs. Each and every one of these features is a complete thrill as well as an honor.